Ndege Juu Ya Africa Limited is an Ugandan company that was formed in 2008. The founders are Emma Carter and Tim Cooper. The company started up as a result of a contract to do aerial advertising for MTN Uganda, the telecoms company.

Ndege is now ready to launch itself on the big wide world:
here is a snapshot of the people behind Ndege.

Emma Carter is a 6,000 hour bush pilot who has lived and worked in Uganda for 6 years. Emma flies a diverse range of aircraft from Cessna 172s to Pilatus PC 12s, and holds a multi-engine seaplane rating too. Emma, despite her protests, is an ace manual writer and researcher, and has worked hard to ensure that Ndege Juu Ya Africa’s operations and procedures are tip-top. Emma worked closely with the Uganda CAA to ensure compliance with the new East African Civil Aviation Regulations and as a result Ndege holds the first AOC issued under these new and much tougher ICAO compliant regulations in Uganda.

Emma dreaming of more manuals

Charlie Arter is Head Aviator at Ndege. Charlie is from Devon in Britain and “discovered” Uganda when he ferried Ndege’s Fuji FA-200 from UK. He liked it here so much that he asked us for a job. Charlie is unhappy on the ground and has a physical need to fly inverted. As a result we’ve put Charlie in charge of all non-charter operations. Charlie has a share in a Tiger Moth back home and is an experienced aerobatic pilot, he has also completed 30 solo crossings of the Atlantic as a ferry pilot.

Philip Sebunya is a talented, young Ugandan commercial pilot license holder. He trained at Soroti and is now rapidly building his hours with us. Originally planning to grab the first airline job that came along, Philip is now dedicating himself to becoming an aviator…. as a result Philip is often to be found whimpering, curled up in a foetal position next to Charlie, while “The Ace” attempts to teach Philip aerobatics. Philip is Charlie’s deputy on the ground.

The Old Terminal

Philip & Emma

Tim Cooper is not (yet) a pilot, but developed an interest in aviation when he built an airstrip on Bulago Island, which he jointly owns with two partners, including His Majesty The Kabaka of Buganda. Tim has lived and worked in Uganda since the mid-nineties. Tim’s media background in a former life is invaluable in framing aerial advertising propositions.

Lente Lourens has a business background and is in charge of Ndege’s marketing and commercial administration. Lenta is married to a commercial pilot and has, by osmosis, a good working knowledge of aviation. Lenta’s roles are to ensure that Ndege’s growth is properly planned and executed and to ensure that Ndege’s services are based on our clients’ needs. Lenta comes from South Africa and in time we’ll all be able to understand everything she says!

Charlie and 'friend'

Our home is The Old Terminal at Kajjansi Airfield. At the start of 2008 this was a dilapidated and unloved building. We’ve now refurbished the offices and hangar and are delighted with the place. The airfield is a regular wildlife reserve; often you can see vervet monkeys, Uganda’s national bird, the Crested Crane, and 2 metre-long monitor lizards in the course of a single day. The runway is 1,100 metres of grass and murram and is used by a number of operators.

Ndege has used 2008 to lay down strong foundations for growth. Please explore this website to get an idea of how we plan to grow. Our most important goal is to focus on the needs of our clients and to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective services to you. Our second most important goal is to make Ndege an enjoyable company to work for.